User Guide > Operating Instructions

  • To unlock the Securi-Lid, open the dustcover in the centre of the locking rail, insert your key into the lock and turn the key 90° anti-clockwise to the 3 o’clock position.
  • To open the Securi-Lid, push on the silver button in the centre of the locking rail and the Securi-Lid will spring open.
  • Take hold of the strap attached to the locking rail and allow the roller door to retract in a controllable manner.
  • Remember the Securi-Lid is spring loaded - take hold of the strap inside so the door does not fly open and cause damage
  • To close the Securi-Lid, stand at the tailgate end and pull the strap towards you until you are able to reach the locking rail.
  • Take hold of the handle rail, place strap inside load box and pull gently over the tailgate rail ensuring that the latch engages into the slot on the tailgate rail.
  • Turn the key 90° clockwise to the 6 o’clock position to lock.
  • Remove key and clip back dust cover.
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