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General Cleaning
  • Do not use thinners, acetone, spirits or petrol to clean your Securi-Lid.
  • Car cleaning soap is acceptable.
  • You may clean with a high pressure cleaner; no not spray under high impact or at close range.
  • During cleaning, water may enter vehicle due to the high volume of water flow.
Side Rails
  • Keep side rail sections clean of excess dirt and sand by using a rag to wipe the inner section.
  • Spray a silicone-based lubricant to lubricate rails for smoother action.
Drain Pipes
Check drain pipes are free of dirt and allow water to flow freely, to clean follow this procedure:
  • Loosen hose clamp on canister
  • Pull pipe off canister
  • Once removed; check that drain channels are clear of any leaves or built up dirt
  • Use high pressure water to flush out drain pipes and the canister fitting
  • Note: DO NOT push a sharp object through the canister fitting as you may damage the roller door in the canister
Locking System
  • If the latch becomes stuck or stiff, lubricate with a silicone-based spray on the hinge points inside the latch.
  • If the push button is stiff, lubricate under the silver button with a silicone-based spray
  • Should you experience any problem with your key, contact your nearest fitment centre right away.
  • Note: DO NOT force the key in any way as this could cause the key to break off in the barrel.
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