User Guide > Important Safeguards

  • Ensure your Securi-Lid has been registered online at www.Securi-Lid in order to validate your warranty of your Securi-Lid.
  • It is recommended to keep your instruction manual in your vehicle to have the unit details and Securi-Lid contact numbers at hand.
  • Never force your key left or right in the barrel as it can break off in the key chamber.
  • Check the key slot is in unlocked position (3 o’-clock) when closing the Securi-Lid to avoid keys being locked inside the load area.
  • Keep the dust cover over the lock in the closed position to avoid dirt and dust from getting into the key chamber.
  • When releasing the door ensure you hold onto the strap and allow the door to roll back in a controlled manner, the roller door is spring-loaded and damage to the roller door can be caused by it rolling back uncontrolled.
  • The Securi-Lid is not 100% waterproof or dustproof. No pressurised seal can be created with a roller door.
  • The Securi-Lid can carry a uniformly distributed load of 500 kg, loading items directly onto the Securi-Lid can cause scratches and damage.
  • Do not leave small objects on top of roller door when opening as it may slip into the canister. This may cause the door to jam and become damaged.
  • When closing make sure the strap is inside the load box to avoid it getting caught up outside the vehicle.
  • Check latch is in open position when closing; WARNING: slamming to force closure will damage the locking sytem.
  • Unsuitable chemicals and cleaning detergents are not recommended for cleaning the unit (see Maintenance and Cleaning)
  • Styling bars are for decorative purposes only and are not intended to provide safety protection
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