218 Range

216 Ford Ranger
216 Ford Ranger
216 Ford Ranger
216 Ford Ranger

The Roll-Top Redefined.

The 218 is the premium Roll-Top Cover, which has been completely transformed from its predecessor the 216.

It now features a range of sleek aspects that have been aligned to the standards and specifications of the OEM’s.

The 218 Securi-Lid with its Side Locking System is designed for vehicles with Style Trims and lockable Tail Gates.


  • The integrated Channel on the Side Rail accommodates the mounting of accessories, such as Fastening Rings and a variety of Racking Systems
  • Side locking with new sleek handle
  • The Lid retracts offering an adjustable mid-stop position
  • Under-rail accessory channel for attachment of Cargo Rail Clips
  • Available in two colours - Black and Silver

Please note that the 218 is currently only available for the following vehicles:

  • Ford Wildtrack
  • Isuzu D-Max (Including Style Trim)
  • Mitsubishi Athlete
  • VW Amarok Extreme
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Sleek New Design

The 218 is a complete transformation from the previous generation 216 model. Now featuring a range of sleek new aspects, that have been aligned to the standards and specifications of an OEM.

Cargo Rail Clips

A new and unique feature to a roll top cover is the 218's cargo rail clips positioned underneath the lid. These moveable clips can be positioned on the rails according to the items you need to hook and secure while travelling.

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Accessory Channel

The accessory channel remains a featured benefit to fit your work and leisure accessories.

Locking Transformation

The locking concept has transformed. The refined moulded handle provides a comfortable grip to open the lid which retracts with multiple stopping positions; giving you the option of part-use of your load space when you need it.

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