The Securi-Lid, a robust aluminium roller shutter load-body cover, makes your hard-working vehicle more versatile. It’s a quick and easy way to lock away your load without compromising your vehicle’s good looks. Strength, durability and cost-effectiveness make the Securi-Lid the ideal solution to covering your load.

The Securi-Lid has been specifically designed to be a convenient and hard-working product. The lid retracts into a canister at the front of the load bin using a hardy spring operated mechanism, with a three year warranty, to ensure you the maximum amount of space and accessibility from all sides.

The unique design of the Securi-Lid side rails allows for rear water drainage, eliminating unnecessary drilling of the load body. This is achieved by the Securi-Lid mounting on top of the load box rather than inside. An integrated channel on the side rail accommodates the mounting of accessories such as roof and ladder racks, roof top tents and bicycle racks.

The Securi-Lid roller shutter door interlocks into the tailgate through a double latch locking mechanism, automatically securing the tailgate and your load.

The design is user friendly and easy to operate with minimal maintenance needed. Securi-Lid improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

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